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ACC Concrete plus

Minimum quantity = 30 bags

per bag = 50kg

Delivery timing = 1-2 days

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Features & Compatibility

In order to satisfy the demands of customers seeking stronger concrete, ACC Concrete Plus OPC 53 Grade Cement is a greater strength cement. For structural concrete, including slabs, columns, foundations, piles, and any other area where TMT steel is utilized, OPC cement is utilized. The prices shown are for a 50 kg bag. The cost of ACC cement is subject to daily fluctuations; the most recent pricing is available here. The prices are exclusive to Hyderabad, India. For orders over 50 bags, shipping is free. Cement characteristics include: • Well-adhered; • Composition that is balanced; • Quality tested • Greater resistance to seepage and a smoother finish • Greater resilience against “cracking” as a result of reduced heat-of-hydration.


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SKU acc cement
Size 50Kg
Brand / Manufacturer ACC Cement
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Manufacture’ s Information ACC Cement

More about the product (ACC Concrete Plus)

Choosing the right contents for ACC Concrete Plus is like picking the best ingredients for a yummy recipe! 🏗️🧱

Think of it this way: ACC Concrete Plus is a special mix of materials that makes strong and durable concrete. Just like how you choose the best flour, sugar, and eggs for a delicious cake, we select the finest cement, sand, and aggregates for this concrete mix. 🍰🏡

The goal is to create a concrete mix that can withstand all kinds of challenges, like heavy loads, harsh weather, and time itself. So, we carefully pick and combine materials to ensure your construction stays strong and sturdy for a long, long time! 🌟🏗️

In simple terms, choosing the right contents for ACC Concrete Plus is about creating a super-strong and reliable mixture for your building projects! 🚧🔨

  1. Protective Gear 🛡️:
    • Wear safety glasses to shield your eyes from dust and splashes.
    • Use gloves to protect your hands while handling the concrete.
  2. Dust Control 🌬️:
    • Avoid inhaling dust by wearing a mask or respirator.
    • Work in well-ventilated areas to minimize dust concentration.
  3. Clothing 🧤:
    • Wear appropriate clothing to cover your body and reduce skin contact.
  4. First Aid Kit 🩹:
    • Keep a first aid kit nearby in case of minor injuries.
  5. Manual Handling 🏋️:
    • Lift and carry bags properly using your legs, not your back, to prevent strain.
  6. Mixing Safety 🚿:
    • Mix concrete in designated areas to avoid spills in inappropriate places.
    • Use a shovel or mixer to blend the concrete thoroughly.
  7. Fire Safety 🚒:
    • Keep fire extinguishers accessible and know their locations.
  8. Emergency Procedures ☎️:
    • Familiarize yourself with emergency exit routes and procedures.
  9. Electrical Safety ⚡:
    • Ensure all electrical equipment is in good condition to prevent accidents.
  10. Environmental Awareness 🌍:
    • Dispose of waste materials responsibly, following environmental guidelines.

Remember, safety is a top priority! Always follow recommended guidelines to ensure a secure working environment when using ACC Concrete Plus. 👷‍♂️🚧

😊 Here are simple steps to use ACC Concrete Plus:

  1. Prepare the Surface 🛠️:
    • Ensure the surface is clean, free from dust or debris.
    • Moisten the surface with water to improve adhesion.
  2. Mixing the Concrete 🔄:
    • Follow the instructions on the ACC Concrete Plus bag for the correct water-to-mix ratio.
    • Use a mixing container to blend the powder with water until you get a smooth, lump-free consistency.
  3. Application 🏗️:
    • Apply the mixed ACC Concrete Plus onto the prepared surface using a trowel or any suitable tool.
    • Ensure an even spread and the desired thickness.
  4. Curing 🌞:
    • Keep the applied concrete moist for the next 24 hours to allow proper curing.
    • This helps in achieving optimal strength and durability.
  5. Drying and Finishing 🎨:
    • Let the concrete dry completely before any further finishing or painting.
    • You can use sandpaper or a brush for a smoother finish if desired.
  6. Cleanup 🧹:
    • Clean tools and equipment immediately after use to prevent the material from hardening.
  7. Safety First! 🚧:
    • Wear appropriate safety gear such as gloves and goggles during the entire process.

Remember to always follow the specific instructions provided on the ACC Concrete Plus packaging for the best results. Happy building! 🏡👷‍♂️

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